Tuesday, January 24, 2006

MommyCast Music Show #1

I'm on Mommycast!! You can hear my email comment at 24:28 (min:sec). Good thing I tried to choose my words carefully! This whole podcasting wave is so cool. You really feel close to the podcasters.

1 comment :

-Quentin said...

Hmmm...I heard your email comment being read. It sounds as though the Subject is what caught her eye... But this was only about 5 seconds of fame....and not intense fame at that. I'd say you have at least another 12 or so minutes of fame coming your way. Good work though! :-)

Yea, I'm totally new to this PODCAST stuff. I guess I have to come into the 21st century at some point. My daughters are probably totally up to speed....I'll just have to get them to give me a clue. (wow...things change in life...don't they :-)

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