Thursday, July 27, 2006

Flock, take me away!!

Flock: The web browser for you and your friends.

I happened on this article from Continuous Computing Blog: Flock: The New Superstar Social Browser which seemed to describe all of what I do on the internet, from Flickr, to Blogger, to, to RSS feeds. Could it be possible that a browser be so in tune with me? After all, it is just a computer program, and it's the content that counts right? It took me forever to remember to download and install it, and here I am tonight, completely assimilated into the Flock — The web browser for you and your friends in just an hour.

It just makes me realize how much I've been in the dark ages just getting by with Internet Exploder with hundreds of add-ons (see my comment on the original article). Flock is FANTASTIC!! Flickr and Blogger were setup in a matter of seconds, and importing my Bloglines subscriptions took maybe 2 minutes to figure out. Plus having tabbed windows is a necessity. I've been slowly trying to haul my friends into the Web 2.0 world through Flickr, Bloglines, and, but this will throw them in head first!

Of course I am posting this by using the right-click Blog This button and I simply dragged the Flock logo right onto this draft! Holy smokes, I love it!

Blogged with Flock


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...looks like an interesting idea. I am going to download it and check it out.

As for being in the dark ages with Internet kidding. Firefox or even Opera eats it's lunch. Both have had tabbed browsing for ages! (Firefox was first I think)

Some of the integrated features of FLOCK sound coo. I might look at Opera again too because it was claiming some forms of integration as well. (as an RSS agregator and such)

Oh well....the net continues to get better and better! (nice find!)

Angela said...

OMG, now that I see my blog outside of Internet Exploder, it is NOT how it is supposed to look!!

After brushing the cobwebs out of my HTML, it is formatted the way I intended for the rest of the world to see and admire. I can finally go to sleep!

Anonymous said...

Close...but not quite here at Work. I see the Blogroll down the right side as you intended....but after your picture the right column is empty until after your posts where your right column is then filled with blogroll. (with the left column being blank)

Angela said...

Well, I can only fix what I can see and it still looks good in IE, and pretty good in Flock. Everything is fine until 2/3 through the blogroll and then it goes below the posts. For whatever reason, it will autowrap some entries but not the Tech ones. But the bigger question is, do people really need to know which knitting blogs I follow? And do I have to be so compulsive about how it looks?

Anonymous said...

Your BLOG has always looked great to me....even with Firefox.

No need to be such a perfectionist. The key to communication is...well, the actual communication of ideas and intent, not so much the grammar and punctuation.

This concept was mentioned to be by one of my teachers in an early grade because I had horrible spelling and grammar.

I don't totally agree with that philosophy. I think we need to try to be our best, but I am also realistic enough to know two things....

1) No one is perfect. (Me especially)

2) There is such a thing as "good enough" where you are able to make all your ideas and points crystal clear and yet still may not have made your presentation of them prefect. (If I'm lucky, maybe this comment post will at least hit that mark. ;-)

Your BLOG looks great..... Don’t fret over it.

Matt said...

It's going to be tough to pull me away from Firefox, but I will take a look at Flock. I only use IE for browsing to a few Microsoft sites, where Firefox seems to run into some roadblocks.

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