Friday, November 17, 2006

Karen on WGBH Morning Stories

Earlier this year, I posted on my sister-in-law Karen's possible appearance on WGBH Morning Stories. In September, I had exchanged a few messages with Tony Kahn when they first joined Flickr and learned that he did interview Karen over the phone. Well, here she is in this podcast. I guess it was well worth jumping into her iTunes and setting up podcasts for her iPod Shuffle. Warning: it is a tear-jerker all-around.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent podcast story. Grief is certainly a very personal and individual thing, and I think a person's core upbringing is where you go to answer those difficult questions when someone passes on.

It is probably more difficult when people leave unexpectidly. To me, that's where my faith was so filled the gap. (and my mother was the person who taught me and it was my mother's passing that caused me to recognize how important that faith was to me. Funny how things are in life)

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