Friday, December 29, 2006

Snow Days

Need a Snow Day?
I finally had a moment to create my own flake. Check it out at here and join the Flake-a-thon.
My snowflake


Bigqueue said...

Very pretty flake indeed.

I have to admit that I have enjoyed the sun of the last two days, but I know these sort of flakes are hiding out there just waiting to surprise us one of these cold January Mornings. (maybe even this year too!)

I guess I will be excited to see them at that point....but I will have to hold my judgement until that moment actually happens.

Angela said...

Apparently I must have summoned the snow gods as we did have our first snow of the year the next day (I didn't peek at the forecast).

Bigqueue said...

Yes, you did get the sky to finally open up and bring us snow.

It was so pretty, and the other nice thing was that it was just enough to cover, and then go away!

I am looking forward to a good snow this year...maybe even soon, but this past weekend, I was thrilled with just the light covering we received.

Thanks for calling in the snow-gods.

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