Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chasing sunsets and sushi

The rest of my trip to San Juan Capistrano was pretty pleasant as well. After the first day I simply drove around trying to find a beach to take pictures of the sunset over the Pacific Ocean. It was actually quite a daunting task as I kept getting stuck in fancy residential neighborhoods with beautiful views but high walls. Finally I found the public beach and had to run to the water to capture this series of shots. I was so focused on taking these pictures that twice the waves came up and soaked my sandals and the bottom 6 inches of my jeans. Thankfully, I took the casual dress instructions seriously and didn't have socks and shoes on.

For food, I relied heavily on the free Wi-Fi at the hotel to find restaurants. I googled for "best sushi near san juan capistrano" and had a fantastic dinner at Gen Kai sitting at the sushi bar. All the sushi chefs were drinking beer, toasting with the customers and the atmosphere was fun and festive. I ate nearly $50 of sushi, oops! I made up for it the next night and hopefully my boss read my apologetic note on my expense report.

It was nice to get away for a few days on this boondoggle, but I was happy to zip home on the red eye to see Adam skate the next day.

1 comment :

Bigqueue said...

Now that's something I have not had in a while......Sushi!

Your photo looks good enough to eat. (I suppose it it is sort of like shopping while you are hungry....everything looks good, even the pictures on the package labels)

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