Friday, March 30, 2007

I want a Dyson!

OK, I don't usually enter contests, but given that my most hated appliance in my house is the vacuum, I have to give this contest a shot! The gals at 5 Minutes for Mom are giving this beautiful Dyson in this contest. So feel free to enter as well, but hopefully, it will be mine, ALL MINE!!

1 comment :

Bigqueue said...

I'm not an expert on Vacuums, so I will take your work on the Dyson. I have an ancient Electrolux. In fact, my mother had exactly two of these, and Cheryl and I have had this one....most of our married lives.

Actually I think we bought it when we moved to that would only be 19 years.....with zero repairs as far as I can remember.

Old technology...yes, but it works well for me.

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