Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm a twit!

Twitter is so cool and way too addictive.. You can always see my latest in my left sidebar. Otherwise check my profile to see what I've been blathering about and add me as a friend!

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Bigqueue said...

It is very addictive for sure.....and I have found a few somewhat famous "celebrities" who are Twitters....and i find it interesting to watch the comments between them. (and some of the links they post)

But I have yet to fully appreciate WHY I like is sort of a cross between a BLOG and IM.

I mean with a BLOG, the posts last forever...with IM, they are instantanious, but dissappear once you shut down. (unless you capture them in a log)

Twitter is a cross of some sort....but is it perhaps neither fish-no-foul? (or is it the BEST of both for some reason)

Time will tell.....

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