Monday, August 27, 2007

Get with the program - MySpace to Facebook

Everyone knows that MySpace is total crap, but to be a good internet doobie, I spent a minimal amount time setting up an account under Moonfever0 and collected podcasters, musicians and a few real people (and fake people) as friends. It has proven useful in keeping in touch with my cousin Daniel Wang and his girlfriend Ingrid or rather Ingridible in Belgium, as well as my old piano teacher Adolovni Acosta (who sought me out after finding this post I wrote about her). Recently I got this "complimentary" email from a fan:
Angela, are you an empowered Asian woman?

You have a very pretty picture, and from your resume, I can tell you are very smart. I also see that you like shows that empower women.

I also like show that empower women, especially Asian women. I am sick and tired of stereotypes of Asian women as submissive.

I am a very submissive guy and I love Asian women. I am looking for an Asian women that will allow me to clean up her house, be VERY dominating, and make me be faithful while she has the right to date other men.

I would love to have an Asian women make me clean her house, and give me a 6 foot by 6 foot square where I can sleep at night. Feed me rice, water, and a vitamin pill. I am very cheap.
Nice, hold on while I get my whip. Oh wait, I threw it in the donations pile after having kids just in case they thought it would be a good toy to play with. Darn! (I kid you not twisted). Unfortunately Frappr also got quickly polluted with those ugly free-for-all messages and overly forward admirers (don't worry D, I don't mean you!). I tried Orkut briefly, but didn't find anyone I knew.

Finally, Facebook got it right, by limiting the look and feel of its pages to something that is always presentable. Face it, you should leave user interface design to the professionals! (Umm, I am a professional UI developer, but for Windows applications controlling real time instrumentation, not the web, so don't judge me by my blog mrgreen).

I almost set up a Facebook account months ago, but I had a hard time with the "Real Name" it kept asking for. Although it is doubtful that my last name is totally private since I am everywhere on the internet, I prefer the sites that I have direct control over to be private. So I put it off. Then the good Fr. Roderick got on, and apparently put me over the edge. This man has amazing powers over me, except in the area of religion, where I won't be becoming a Catholic. So finally I came up with a goofy name, Angela Moonfever, and created an account. I can already tell that it will be a huge timesink, so good thing it is blocked from work (did I actually say that?). So please come befriend me, write on my wall, etc. Thanks! See you on Facebook!


Mama's Moon said...

I've always been the last in the crowd to cave in to the latest trend. Waffling back and forth these last few weeks has taken its toll on me though; I think I just may be on the verge of creating a 'real' alias to sign on as a Facebook user. Aaargh!

Bigqueue said...

Eeek.....I don't even have the time to feed my current online addiction, never mind adding facebook too!

As for Fr. Roderick...I've been pretty bad with my Podcast consumption as of problem comes from forgetting to connect my MP3 for a silly is that.

Anonymous said...

ACK! MySpace scares me. Maybe it's because my old high school students constantly asked me for my MySpace ID. Sorry kids, I don't want to end up on Dateline NBC, a victim of some cruel MySpace hoax...

I have a Facebook account, simply because I kept hearing about it. I haven't done anything to it. Only 12 people from my high school graduating class have signed up. I'm waiting for more to join...

Meanwhile, Twitter keeps me occupied enough.

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