Thursday, August 09, 2007

Review of Blog Directories - Part 1

For moving to my new domain, I have to go through the tedious work of notifying all those darn blog listing directories I signed up for. Since many don't do a heck of a lot, I've decided to post my reviews of them and lose some of the deadweight. Hopefully this information will prove useful to a blogger newbie.

Blog Directory Top Blogs Top Blog List - This directory touts traffic as well as votes to boost your rating in their directory.
The Good: My listing page look pretty good. Google search of "mommy bytes" puts this page second after my actual blog URL. Easy to change your blog URL.

The Bad: Only if you get in the top 100 do you actually get a number showing up in your button (I have seen it maybe once). My stats have not shown any traffic coming from this site (Update 1:06 am - I did find 3 referrals in the last 100). I spent a lot of time creating a banner that was exactly 468x60 pixels (will not take a single pixel more or less) just to find out that only top 10 banners will be shown in their directory. There is no way to find out your ranking without searching through pages of listings.

The Verdict: Don't bother!
Top Parents Blogs Directory of Parenting Blogs Blog Top Sites - Blog Top Sites merged with the larger Blog Flux
The Good: Through the merge process, the owners were extremely informative and receptive of feedback. Blog Flux has lots of cool tools like polls and commentful. The BlogTopSites button does actually give you a ranking over 100, although my current 201 is pretty pathetic, the best I had seen was around 145. You can also view your ranking in your site details. Ranking is solely based on traffic to your site. Not required to link back. Easy to change your blog URL.

The Bad: My stats have not shown any traffic coming from this site.

The Verdict: A keeper.
This will be the first of many more reviews to come!

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