Thursday, August 09, 2007

Welcome to my new home!

By some stroke of luck or magic, the people who had snatched up the domain have relinquished it. So here I am in my new home, and it appears that Blogger successfully publishes and redirects the old URL ( here. I've got a few things to iron and figure out, but hopefully will be here to stay. I even set up the obvious email address of angela [at] cool.

I'm just wondering if my page rank will come back as it is been dumped to zero at the moment (supposedly the 301 redirect will cover that). I had climbed up to 4, but my Flickr photos still rank higher at 5 (probably due to obsessive tagging rolleyes) .

BTW, I've been real happy with GoDaddy so far. They even called me at home to welcome me and offer help.

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Anonymous said...


Geek points 4 teh wIn!!!



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