Friday, September 07, 2007

News flash - Polls and Contests

I just noticed that Blogger added a Polls page element so I quickly added the widget on the left. And this week's poll is all about widgets! Please stop by and vote (for those of you on RSS).

Also, since I'm about to get $100 from Mr. Steve Jobs, and I have no need for any more Apple products, I'm thinking of running a contest for an iPod shuffle in the winner's choice of color. That is, if my iPod doesn't give out, as it has been acting up all week. Stay tuned, same bat channel...

Speaking of contests, Happy Birthday to Contest Blogger the keeper of contests, who really stuck it to Ashwin the *cough scumbag cough* (my link has officially been deleted).


per se said...

Don't you just love the poll feature! So, fun!

Thanks for the tech support; it was REALLY helpful - just what I needed. After my little raskal's cold is all gone I'm going to get my links all set up! Thanks, again.

Andree said...

What happened? You have at least one of everything? Wow. I've never heard of this!

Or are you a moderate person? Unlike most of us?

But you've been tagged! Come and see.

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