Saturday, September 22, 2007

Widget poll results

Long before the poll ended, the results were leaning on the widget heavy side, so I started taking some more down. Here are the official results:

Do I have too many widgets on my blog?

I love widgets! The more the merrier!
1 (16%)
You can have a few more
0 (0%)
Perfect amount of widgets
2 (33%)
Well, it's a bit overwhelming...
2 (33%)
I hate widgets, they are tacky!
1 (16%)

During the polling, I had put up and taken down feedjit (a bit too revealing, even for me!)

Romlet is also nice for spying on where links come in from, but really it's a tool for me and not the audience. It is also one of the culprits for slow loads.

I took down the cute AddThis buttons as no one clicked on them...
AddThis Social Bookmark Button
AddThis Feed Button

I also cut down the charity buttons and plan to rotate through them. Once you hit one, you can easily click through and get all the rest of the charities. Everyone is doing this right?!?!

The Rainforest Site The Animal Rescue Site

Last but not least, I took down the twitter badge as I never liked the look of it. Still, stop by and follow me!

1 comment :

Mark said...

Ooh, can I vote for Feedjit? Just kidding - I'm the CEO. :)

Interesting insight Angela re Feedjit being too revealing. Do you think we should consider a version that shows location by country only?

I'd love to get more info about which data concerns you and what we could change to fix that.


Mark Maunder Founder & CEO
mark at

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