Sunday, June 20, 2004

Igor Fokin, Puppeteer, 1960-1996

We all watched the story of Igor Fokin, a puppeteer street performer in Harvard Square. It was featured on Art Close Up on WGBH. It was one of the first programs to be taped on our wonderful cable DVR, and was viewed a total of 6 times already! Adam was enthralled by the magical puppets and scared by the skeletons. He kept talking about the mouse dying, when it was just a metaphor for Igor dying at the young age of 36 (it is always considered young when they are younger than you). Doug and I were saddened that such a passionate, talented artist had passed before we could have seen him. We will be sure to look for his memorial, the funny guy (or the mouse as Adam sees it), on the traffic pillar next time we go to Harvard Square.

His favorite store - Everything for a Dollar. As for the puppets, he just "lends them a hand".

June 16, 2010 - Edited to add...
This was one of my favorite posts from six years ago!  Since then, we've gone to Harvard Square to see Igor Fokin's memorial.

A reader, Isabel, also contacted me about some videos that she had taken of Igor's son, Genya, performing with some of the puppets. The music alone brings me right back to the program.

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