Thursday, June 10, 2004

My favorite breastfeeding poems

I happened upon these while pregnant with Dova, which reminded me of my wonderful breastfeeding days with Adam and let me look forward to the days to come with Dova. Here is At My Breast and Milklight. My friend Jennifer called the poems pornographic(!!), even though she was an avid breastfeeder herself.

These come from, website of a crunchy granola magazine. My first Mothering magazine was given to me by a nurse in my OB's office. After she interviewed me and gave me all the other usual materials, she must have determined that I was sufficiently crunchy and specifically went back to fetch this magazine. I think it was because I knew the Stonyfield yogurt line intimately (Chocolate Underground) and I knew before she did that they had switched to the 6oz size from the 8oz. Also the fact that I breastfed Adam for 16 months. The magazine is about natural parenting, with "vaccines are bad" attitude and cloth diapers (no thank you!!). Although it is completely leftist propaganda (I am not THAT liberal), I still subscribe to the newsletter for an interesting article or two and the poems.

6/22/04 - I just found another one, A Mother's Nature.

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