Saturday, June 19, 2004

Things I love about babies (especially mine)

Their sweet breath, especially after nursing, is intoxicating to inhale
Their incredibly soft delicate skin and extra fine soft hair
Their scent after taking a Lavender and Chamomile bath
Edible cheeks, edible everything, yum yum yum
Eskimo and butterfly kisses
Michelin arms and legs with rubber bands around their wrists and ankles,
dimples on their knuckles and elbows
Their tiny toes
Squeals of delight, smiles and laughter
Their emerging personalities
The way they stare into your eyes, not knowing the politeness of strangers
Complete innocence, they know no wrong and can do no wrong
(The lack of misbehavior, talking back, temper tantrums, etc.)
Their absolute trust in you
Their peaceful sleep

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