Friday, July 23, 2004

Electricity - It's not all the same

The Dryer vs. Air-Conditioning.

In an attempt at good environmental and attachment parenting practices, I strapped Dova onto my back and brought a load of laundry out to hang on our new clothesline. At first I was smiling at what a good doobie I was, bonding with my baby, enjoying the outdoors, although it was kinda warm, and saving the environment by not using the electric dryer. I stopped to admire the cute baby clothes and wonderful patterns made by the towels. I brought out the wood drying rack onto the deck (no underwear and bras go on the line for public view!!) and clipped each sock and burpie.

But by the end, I was sweating like crazy, and then the rack blew over onto Dova (scared me more than anything) and there were TOO MANY SOCKS!!! When everything was finally hung, I was so relieved to go inside and enjoy the comfortable central A/C. It was fantastic. So much for saving the environment. I dropped Dova into her exersaucer to cool off too. So much for attachment parenting!! I looked at the outdoor thermometer - it was 87°F + humid, what the heck was I thinking?!?!

This was the original article that inspired me to get a clothes line.

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