Monday, August 02, 2004

Party Party Party!!

This summer has been great for get togethers. All the pictures are up on Webshots, so check out the link on the left <---. Please post your comments here!!


Anonymous said...

Ooops.....must be a new Blog Format at some point...the <-- doesn't point at a left margin link anymore. (no big deal....I know what a part looks least I have distant memories of them :-)

(sorry for the "nothing" comment...I must be getting tired.

Angela said...

Here is another nothing comment. The old format was the blue dots template, like in this blog (randomly chosen)-> Apparently after perusing blogspot a bit, it is the choice of many asian women around the world!

Yet another nothing comment, Blogger as well as LiveJournal, do not provide RSS feeds for comments, so they are hard to track when new ones are made (I have to sort of remember the email which I can't refer to at work, and then hunt for the post). I know that TextPad does, but then again TextPad doesn't support modifying templates, which I am so keen on.

Angela said...

TextPad? Did I say TextPad, that Windows text editor? I meant WordPress!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....that is an interesting comment connecting blue-dot blog format with asian woman. I'm not sure if your comment was made in jest, but I'm interested in your observation if it was not.

I had initially thought that blue was a "sad" color in asian culure, but I just did a search and it apparently signifies "Self-cultivation, wealth". (so I understand it if this is the case) At least that is according to these sources:
(though I am not sure either of these sources have ever been sited as authorities in any of this)

Do you have any opinion? (or was your post just which case I have stuck my head way out and looking real stupid about now??? hmmm...I guess those two things are NOT mutually exclusive! :-)

Oh...looks like you posted the WORDPRESS commend just before I was going to hit SEND on I'll comment on it here.

The terms "Live Journal" and even "Blog" have some meaning to me...."Wordpress" is feels to me like calling a writing utensel omething like a pencil) a name like cabbage. (it just doesn't connect to me the way the word WORD or WINDOWS gives me a visual)