Thursday, October 07, 2004

Danger for Moms - Earrings!

Of course there is the danger of having your baby rip your earrings right off your ears, but now I've been impaled by post earrings four times. Adam gets very rowdy and likes to wrestle. The first time it happened, his hard head hit mine and I yelped from the sharp pain. Then I noticed that my earring was "stuck" to the side of my head. At first, I had no idea why this was the case, then I finally realized that the post had gotten embedded in the side of my head and I gingerly pulled it out. It was really in there good and even produced blood. Today, while dropping him off at school, he gave me a big hug and started jumping while hugging me. That old familiar sensation set in, and since it's happened so many times, I just yanked out the earring and went on my merry way. Of course I could just go with dangle earrings to avoid this altogether, but that would require taking them out at night and putting them back in the next morning (they definitely get lost while sleeping). So I pay for my laziness with the occasional stabbing.

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Anonymous said...

The words "my earring was "stuck" to the side of my head" conjur up visions of all the horror movies I have seen working at a drive-in while in High School and College. (and boy do I have some interesting stories....what a place to do a study of see ALL KINDS! :-)

I have to go to sleep soon....I think I'l read on and try to wash these thoughts of things stuck in someone's head out of my mind! (though, I honestly NEVER least I NEVER remember I'm not worried :-)