Friday, October 01, 2004

Going for ice cream

The day I got laid off, Doug was nice enough to take us out to the Doc Davis Ice Cream stand in Pepperell. It was our first trip for ice cream with Adam (used to be a nice summer escape when it was just the 2 of us, to either Johnson's in Groton or Cherry Hill Farm in Lunenburg). But unfortunately, Dova decided to freak out in the car. Could be because she was not used to being in the car when it was dark out. After the 8 endless minutes it took to get there, we had a nice time having ice cream, but then we had another 8 screaming minutes home. Plus she ended up throwing up the little taste of ice cream she tried. Didn't exactly cheer me up, but it was still a nice gesture. It was exactly one month ago!! And no ice cream since.

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Anonymous said...

How about two years later.....what's the Ice Cream score look like now?

It it was would not have been able to keep me away from Ice Cream....but maybe your kids are different than me. (hopefully :-) I said in a previous post...memories like these will be "fond memories" when your kids go off to college and move out of the house. Enjoy them while you can. (though, I'm sure when my kids do leave, they will not be gone forever :-)