Friday, April 29, 2005

Lost toy

Last summer, I took Adam and Dova to the playground. She sat in her stroller with a couple of rattles while he would climb, slide and swing. I pushed her around in the stroller and nursed her when she got fussy, but for the most part, she was happy just watching Adam frolic. Near the end, I noticed that she dropped one of the rattles. It was a Sassy rattle that had a clear ball on the end that would spin. Adam loved it as a baby, it was well chewed, scratched and worn. I even drew a picture of it in the favorite toy section of his baby book. He would spin the ball really fast with his "move", which was the first physical thing he was excellent at. I became obsessed with finding it, but to no avail in all those wood chips. I finally left the playground with 2 tired kids and without the toy. I was so sad about losing this toy, even though Adam didn't really care. I thought about getting a replacement one, but it wouldn't be the same without Adam's teeth marks in them. Besides, Dova really didn't like rattles, she always ended up hitting herself in the head with them and crying. Maybe I was just sad that I was losing a piece of Adam's babyhood.

I should have realized that this was just the start of a trend with her. She "loses" stuff all the time and can trash a room within seconds. The OOD (obsessive organizational disorder) in me is really pushed to the limit. There is still one missing puzzle piece that I can't find. Most stuff usually shows up within a week or so. Adam is showing signs of this disorder as well. He became obsessed with a car (one of about 100) that he couldn't find, and we finally found it a year later inside another toy. Well, at least we have tons of her favorite object, burpies.

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