Friday, April 01, 2005

OMG!! Indecent at Walmart

Here is an old draft from October...
First the joke:
A blonde woman is walking down the street, with her blouse open. A cop is approaching from about a block away, thinking, "Boy, my eyes must be going, it looks like that woman's right breast is hanging out."

As he gets closer it becomes apparent that her breast is hanging out. When he gets face to face with her he says, "Ma'am, are you aware I could cite you for indecent exposure?"

She says, "Why, officer?"

"Well, your breast is hanging out."

She looks down and says "OMIGOD, I left the baby on the bus!"
And here I go..

After I visited with Dova at lunchtime, I went to run an errand at Walmart. Just needed some basic items, so I went from one far corner of the store for diapers to the other far corner for motor oil and then to the checkout. I went back to work, and stopped in the cafeteria for some lunch. Brought the lunch up to my desk to eat. An hour later, I stopped by my friend Jim's cube. I sat in his guest chair and then all of a sudden I noticed that only the top button of my blouse was closed, the rest were wide open!!! Holy smokes, I had been flaunting my stuff all that time through all corners of Walmart and the cafe and no one had said a word. Luckily, it probably hadn't shown if I had been standing up straight.

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