Thursday, May 26, 2005

Chocoholic at 16 months

Chocolate is one of life's simple pleasures. Why should we keep it from young children? I know of two families that have banned chocolate from their children's diet (one was foiled by a grandmother at Easter when the girl was 2). Is it because of their own chocoholic guilt? So do they stop eating chocolate as well, or do they sneak behind their kid's backs, reinforcing the guilt!

Adam first got chocalate sometime between 1 and 2, and loves it like his parents, but doesn't get a lot of it and doesn't ask for it all the time. Dova got her first taste of chocolate in her 1st birthday cake (double chocolate). Shortly afterwards, Doug gave her a Ghirardelli non-pareils that we keep in a tupperware tub in the cabinet. Couldn't figure out how she ate it with no back teeth, but she had no problem eating it and asking for more. Now, if Dova finds the cabinet unlocked, she will pull out the tub and put it on the kid's table, expecting to be able to feast on it. Any time I ask whether she wants a snack, she will say "Choco?" Doug's thinks we have failed as parents, creating a total chocoholic. I think she just takes after her mom. Where's the crime in that? Just as long as we keep the cabinet locked!

So where does chocolate fall in the new Food Pyramid? Is it a bean? How about some dairy if it is milk chocolate? LOL!! Too bad this pyramid totally ignores a lot of the food that people actually eat. I guess that is the point!

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