Saturday, May 26, 2007

Flashback 2005: The "other side" game

Part of my motivation for the post a day for the month of May was to finally get rid of all my old drafts. This is the oldest draft, ironically dated 5/26/05, exactly two years ago. Here is Dova around that time at 17 months. She was already quite a talker and showing signs of being quite demanding as we can definitely attest to now. When I nursed her, she would pop off when she was done and tell me "other side". At some point, this became quite the game for her. When she went to bed, I would lie down with her and nurse her to sleep. When she was more interested in playing than sleeping, she would nurse for 10 seconds, and then say "other side", I would hop over her, nurse her on the other side, and then after 10 seconds, she would say "other side", and kept flipping her mom over like a pancake. One night this happened about five times. Telling her that she was being ridiculous meant nothing to her. I started thinking, oh man, she's going to be a handful. No truer words have been spoken!

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