Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Podcasting - get with the program

I started listening to the WGBH Morning Stories podcast earlier this year when I had a mere Palm before my iPod. I thought this is great, after searching for and exhausting all the free audios from the website, here is what I've been looking for all along. Audible had some good stuff like the 9/11 commission hearings (more on another post someday!), presidential debates, interviews with authors, and most notably the Everest expedition. But podcasting is really where it is at, just as long as enough people spread the word. I'm just starting to weed through different podcasts, so I haven't sorted the good stuff from the crap. Morning Stories is excellent, professional and well produced, but relatively short. Adam Curry's Daily Source Code is good too, although kind of just a big promotion for podcasting which I don't need since I'm already sold.

If you want to get started go to and download iPodder. I do like the seamless integration with iTunes, but it is just as easy to load up the MP3's onto any portable device.

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