Saturday, July 02, 2005

Continuous Computing Blog: Apple Finally Catches the Podcasting Wave

I am so psyched!! I've subscribed to all my favorite podcasts right from iTunes. Oddly enough, they include all the ones listed in Wade's blog entry, "from the raunchy and irreverent Dawn and Drew Show to the surprisingly hip and candid Catholic Insider, with Curry's own Daily Source Code." I haven't actually listened to the new firmware with bookmarking on my iPod, a must for longer podcasts like the podcast novel Earthcore. Now that I've shed my 2 hour a day commute, I don't know when I'll be listening to all these podcasts!! Plus I'm losing my Tuesday and Friday Earthcore walks with Dova. Here are the rest of my addictions: The Bitterest Pill, and of course WGBH Morning Stories.

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Anonymous said...

Ok...this is it. I'm officially "hooked"

I'm popping off an email to my daughter Kim right now...she has to enlighten me on the state of IPODS and I might just have to take the jump. (do I need an IPOD...or can I deal with all this with a cheaper MP3 player???)

So many much to learn. (I hope I can keep up with the learning curve!!! :-)