Saturday, January 14, 2006

The things kids say

Kids can be so frank and so funny!! Here are a couple gems.

When I was pouring the batter for carrot cake into the cake pans Adam made the comment (the kind you would immediately censor if you were an adult), "That looks like barf!!" I couldn't help but laugh because it did!!

When he was 2, we stayed in a summer cottage with 3 other families. This cottage has simple wood panel walls and is completely open on top, so that there is no sound barrier between rooms. Our dear friend Bob was in the other room snoring away at a huge decibel level. It woke Adam out of a dead sleep. He sat up and said "That's a pig sound!". We tried to chuckle quietly at the remark. Then a few seconds later, he said "That's a BIG pig!!" It was impossible to contain our laughter!!

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Anonymous said...

I know this is going to sound like a made-up story...but it is not.

I read your son's "That's a big pig" comment and it reminded me of a story of my own.

My family had a house in Lubec Maine when I was a kid, and one morning I work up and heard a sort of grunting noise that sounded as though it was coming from every corner of the house.

I looked and looked, and finally found my way down to the basement.

Now the basement had an unfinished dirt floor, and as often happened it had quite a bit of water collecting down there. (the furnace was mounted on a concrete pad above the water level)

It was very dark down there, and I actually thought the noise was perhaps a big bull frog haviing gotten under the house. (I was about 16 or 17 years old BTW)

So I go down there with a big flashlight in order to see the frog, and of course the nosies all stopped when I started down the stairs.

Well, I reached the bottom and walked around the furnace and shined that light in front of me and I almost had a heart attack! (really)

I was facing a 600 pound Pig that had in fact snuck its way through our open garage doors and into was a happy as a pig in ...well, you know...I guess mud.

I think it was as surprised to see me as I was to see him...and we just stood there looking at each other! (this this was big....I'm not kidding when I say 600 pounds)

I remember thinking that Arnold the Pig on Green Acres never seemed so huge as this one! turns out it was the neighbor's pig down the street, and Christy Marzoll, their daughter who was only a year older than me (and very cute) came to bring him home.

She lured him home by feeding him as I recall..I think cabbage and carrots. She had a sort of leash that she had on him, but tat 600 pounds, I don't think that was the reason he was going her way.

I have one other story about pigs in this one though....but that is perhaps best saved for an entry somewhere else.