Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where's George? 2.2 Bill Tracking Report

I had heard of this, but have not actually seen one of these stamped bills. Got one this morning, but unfortunately, it hadn't been entered into the system yet. I guess we'll see where it goes from here.

Original link:

Nobody updated its location in 12 years!


Anonymous said...

I had created a Where's George account a number of years ago, when I saw my first bill. I posted that one, and created a couple more myself and sent them off on their merry way.

I tracked them for a few months, and found that many people didn't seem to post their finds. (they were not computer savvy, or just into the "game"....and I lost track of it all.

This BLOG entry has made me remember that account...and I just logged in hoping to see my three or so bills having traveled around the world...but instead, they seem to ALL have been taken out of the database. (and probably destroyed by now given their age)

I was bummed (for about 30 milliseconds....about all you can feel sorry for a $1 bill that has seen the end of it's life! :-)

Anyways....this BLOG entry has inspired me to launch another bill into our busy and crazy world. This means yet another simple and senseless activity I will be adding to my daily routine/rut...checking my "Where's George" activity! :-)

I hope your bill lives a longer life than my first three, and may it be a bit "more" of a traveler as well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Added 5 bills tonight. I will now have succesfully added yet another "distraction" to my life! :-)

Angela said...

So where did you get the stamp from? Last I looked you had to make your own or have one made

Anonymous said...

I'm no George Washington myself....but I try not to tell when I said I was cheap...well, I guess I am.

I have been simply hand-writing my bills. I've only entered 7 bills in my whole life, so very few heartbeats of effort have ben expended on my "fun".

But the website suggests the following two stamp suppliers:

PS: I see we are back to the visual verification stuff does that come and go? (it was gone for a while)