Friday, March 31, 2006

Save the Daily Breakfast!!

I was completely horrified to hear that Fr. Roderick was asked by his Vicor to stop producing his Daily Breakfast podcast. He is asking all his listeners to send in a small testimonial through email that he can print out and bring to his meeting with his Bishop on Saturday (4/1 tomorrow!!). This is by far my favorite podcast, even though I am certainly not Catholic!! I'm off to write my testimonial, and if you're a listener (or even if you are just a friend of mine) please send one off to: dailybreakfast [at] Hopefully, he won't even have enough paper to print all the emails that he gets.


Anonymous said...

Angela....good work. I too was horrified and sad to hear about the decision to stop Fr. Roderick from doing The Daily Breakfast show. I have written my letter, and I am so glad to see you are going to write as well. (and that there are any posts coming on the forums)

My only consern is with the lack of time. There is plenty of time if people have heard the show, or somehow picked up the message to send in a testimonial. But I fear that some people are often "behind" in their listening.

I also posted a reminder to consider the time difference between your location and the Netherlands. I believe they are 7 hours ahead of us, and Fr. Roderick's meeting with the Bishop is at 2:00pm. (After Fr. Roderick has lunch)

So it might be smart to try and get the email to him before noon time in the Netherlands! (or about 5:00am on Saturday morning here on the east coast of the USA)

It isn't over yet....keep the faith!

Angela said...

Oops, and I mis-typed his email too boot. It is now corrected. Here was my letter:

Dear Father Roderick,

Although I'm a software geek, I am first and foremost the mother of two small children. The Daily Breakfast has been part of my morning commute since the beginning. I have been a Catholic Insider listener from the days of the Conclave. Podcasting is a wonderful medium for us busy working moms for listening to quality content on an every changing time schedule. I have never turned on the radio since I started listening to podcasts.

The Daily Breakfast in particular is a fantastic program: positive, spiritual, funny and informative. I am extremely sad and angry to hear that you may not be able to continue this work. It is not as though you stop being a priest when you made these shows, because your vocation clearly shows in your words and opinions. In fact, your podcast has probably opened the eyes of many young people who may have had preconceived notions that a Catholic priest would be completely out of touch with popular culture. Personally, this podcast has enlightened me about the Catholic faith, as I am not Catholic and do not belong to any organized religion. You have also created a great community with the SQPN network and in your forums. It is unfortunate that your church can have such a heavy-handed say in this podcast. It is indeed your calling and podcasting is truly the future of media communications.


Angela (my last name and address are here too)

Anonymous said...

Excellent letter.....I hope Fr. Roderick gets a lot of letters like this because I would like to see him have the ability to show a lot of support that not only asked to save the show, but presents thoughful and convincing details of why the show is so valuable.

Also, I followed your lead and put up a Journal entry, and now I am going off to try and get some others to send Fr. Roderick letters of support.

My wife and daughter would be perfect candidates to send emails....they both loved the Secrets of Harry Potter series....and while it isn't Daily Breakfast, I think they will have good words to say about Fr. Roderick.....

My oldest daughters boyfriend also at one time told me he loved the show too....I'll have to suggest that he email in a testimonial as well!

I hope the Bishop is open minded and at least listens to all of this inout. (I of course hope he changes his mind on it too)

Keep the faith....