Saturday, April 08, 2006

Biking on the Rail Trail

Speaking of biking, the weekend after we last went skiing, it was super warm and we took a bike ride as a family on the Nashua River Rail Trail. Adam has been riding a bike without training wheels since he was 4 and it was great that he could ride by himself. The only thing with those small bike wheels (these are 14") is that he has to pedal about 5 times for each of our strokes. Now, he needs a bigger bike (is there no end to this spending?)! So really, we went pretty slow, but managed to go about 2 miles. There were still snow patches on the trail but it was still beautiful along the river.

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Anonymous said...

BTW: If I remember correctly, there is a GEOCACHE in Nashua on the Rail-Trail. I searched and found it. (It is actually a tough one because it is a micro-cache and has very good camo)

I'm not sure what Geocaching has to do with the Rail Trail....except that it is a nice place to go after in the winter because it isn't so far off the beaten path.