Sunday, May 28, 2006

Niagara in panorama

This was my first attempt to take a panorama picture with my camera. Unfortunately, Niagara Falls is not a very good subject because the mist and hence the lighting conditions are always changing (not to mention the mist all over the photographer and camera lens). Still, it was fun to finally try out the photo stitching program. Nothing like cool software which actually works (the previous post was done entirely by hand, next time I'll know better)! The seagull in the picture was captured purely by chance.

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Anonymous said...

Even with the spray, I love the detail in this picture. If you zoom in you can see the people standing and looking at the fall on the US side.

Also, if you look down at the water pouring over the edge of the falls, you can see such power as it smashes down into a massive eruption of spray.

Oh, and I know it is an accident, but that seagull you captured is fantastic!