Friday, June 09, 2006

Comparing pig shots

From the Seattle Fish Market. I was more rushed for the daytime shot, being more self-conscious with people around me. But I did manage to get pretty much got down to the same angle for them. I'm still not sure what my whole fascination with this pig is!!

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Anonymous said...

Well...I will tell you what I liked about it when I first saw your picture...I simply liked the oddness of the whole thing!

I mean, a statue of Red Auerbach in bronze on a Boston park bench...well, that is one thing. (it even makes a little sense)

But putting that side-by-side (mentally) with a Bronze Pig on a city you have something to think about!

What could this swine have done? Who was this person who imortalized such an animal. Was the creator a lover of bacon perhaps? I've gone off the deep end. But the point is, this is matter what questions run through your head.

I love it.... {time for my nap now....ZZzzz z z z ......}