Thursday, June 29, 2006

Doug's new car

Here it is with 4 miles on the odometer reading. Makes my car next to it look downright boring!!

OK, for those not in the know, it is a 2006 Corvette C6 coupe with red leather interior and Z51 suspension, made to order. We picked it up 2 days ago, and I have yet to drive it or get a ride in it. Since it is a two seater, we would have to get a baby sitter to be able to take a ride together!! Luckily for Adam, he did get a ride in it the first night (booster seat over a heavily protected passenger seat of course) .

More pictures to come on Flickr when it stops raining, even "ahtistic" shots for George.


Anonymous said...

Very cool car.....I have to admit that I began reading the post with a slight feeling of envy....but I also have to be honest that that envy left quickly as I imagined myself driving it....and approaching the gas pump.

I'd be afraid that a car like that might have a real addiction to gas pumps....I suppose that might turn out to be the result of my own weakness for putting a bit more "toe" into it my rides than I probably should. (I do that now with a Civic...but it doesn't dent my wallet quite so hard)

Very nice car....I wish the both of you all the luck and happiness with it. It sure will be fun!

Angela said...

Believe it or not, this car is rated for 18 mpg city and 28 mpg highway, higher than my car (which averages around 25 mpg). Of course, this is with their 1st to 4th shift mechanism which will soon be defeated. The spreadsheet will tell how he is driving it.

Luckily Doug has no commute anymore so all rides will be joy rides. And if he does need to travel far, we always have the trusty Echo which at 112k miles is still getting 42 mpg. And for even more joy rides, he's got the Ducati which gets around 51 mpg. What a life!

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty fuel economy good ratings....and it hardly sounds like the kind of thing that would get you (GM) anywhere near the "gas Guzzler" I wonder how much "slight of hand" is occuring with those numbers. (Cynic mode off)

But what the hay...fuel mileage and trunk space are probably not the reason anyone buys a 500HP V8 car anyways.....

Oh...and trust me....even if Doug were going to work or on any sort of trip/commute ....a ride in a car like this is always a joy-ride. (by definition)

I'd say that lucky doesn't even begin to describe Doug.....he will probably have a smile from plastered from ear to ear for a month.....and you probably can't get him out of the least mentally if not physically. ( I'm going of the deep end....what can you expect from a guy at lunch who came to work this morning in his daughter's 4.0L straight-6 1998 Jeep Cherokee {an engine designed at AMC in 1964 with roots in an even earlier Nash design}...I have not exactly had my injection of "fun" for the day yet....)

Anonymous said...

How is the toy doing? Still as fun a couple of weeks later? (I bet it is)

Did the rework to disable the "Protect thou from yourself" shift gate lockout (or whatever it is called) work out?

Did it seem to affect fuel consumption? (I suppose the car isn't even broken in, so you probably don't have a clue yet)

Oh well...I guess I'm just living vicariously through this blog entry. (and it is a lot cheaper for me to do it that way too)