Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mysterious bones (Day 3 of vacation)

The Monday was a day of rest between the lake and NY. We did three loads of laundry and had planned to do something more productive like go for a family bike ride on the bike trail, or buy some supplies at Walmart and BJ's, but we simply didn't have the time or energy for it. Instead we spent the day eating and walking around our neighborhood.

What did we eat? Pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually, on the way home the night before, I called in an order at our local favorite Pizza Depot. We had it that night for dinner and then again for breakfast and lunch on this day. Chicken Pesto for the adults and cheese for the kids.

For our walk, I took out the wagon and Adam pulled Dova down the street. We were walking along and Adam was picking out leaves and grass flowers and putting them in the wagon. The wagon clinked clinked and went over what sounded like rocks, but Adam immediately stopped to see what it was. He picked up these white pieces and upon examination, they were bones!! It was definitely bones because on the underside you could see the porous marrow. We were definitely intrigued and Adam picked up the bigger pieces and kept them in the wagon.

We then stopped to play in the neighbor Joe's playground. The slide had just been put up and the kids had a blast flying off of it. When Joe came by, Adam immediately showed off the bones. Joe mentioned to Doug that cops were by just a few days ago looking in the woods next to the road. Doug wanted nothing to do with the bones but I felt that it was a such a cool treasure for the kids and they could also learn from them so I let them keep dem bones. When we got home, I carefully scrubbed and disinfected the bones and the kid's hands.

I still don't know what the origins of these bones are. They are way too big to be from a dog or other small wild animal, and just too creepy to think that they are human. Perhaps they are from the pelvis, in which case it would still be a pretty big animal. They were pretty much clean and appeared to have been there more than just a few days, although they were definitely in the road and not off to the side. The imagination can definitely go wild on this one.

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