Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Beautiful eyes, beautiful girl

Mr. Mom has been checking out all the playgrounds in the area and has found one in neighboring Townsend, MA that has the friendliest parents. I think most SAHM's are cautious of men even with children and aren't always friendly. I tried to explain to Doug that women are simply cautious of men in general because you never know which one is the ax murderer or child molester who may harm them or their children. Moms feel much more comfortable speaking to a stranger who is another mom rather than a stranger dad. Especially when you hear news of the creepy John Mark Karr.

So one day in this friendly playground, a mom looks at my beautiful girl and asks Doug, "What's wrong with her eye? It looks kind of slanted." WHAT?!?!?!? I would've hit the roof (or a nearby tree, or even an airplane flying overhead). Doug tactfully replied, "Well, she has some Asian in her." Hopefully that embarrassed the ignorant mom who simply shied away with "Oh, that must be it." Is it possible that I live so far in the boonies that people would think that something is wrong if you look Asian? Is it not obvious that Dova is partially Asian? Is she not the MOST BEAUTIFUL girl in the world? Of course, through my mom-colored glasses she is!

OK, in the mom's defense, Doug says that he wouldn't jump to those conclusions and that she was probably just noting that one eye was different from the other. But heck, that just makes her more beautiful in my view!

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Bigqueue said...

I can understand your anger, and quite honestly I don't understand the woman's question.....but to be fair, I'm not sure I have a good sense of the context of it all.

It would not surprise me to find people who have a prejudice regarding Asians....heck, there are all sort of prejudice. (I've even experenced small bits being caucasian/American in Taiwan...or even parts of Boston too :-)

But not being there myself with that woman, I suppose her comment "could" have been a well meaning question, (though not one that makes any sense to me)

Your daughter is beautiful, and trust isn't your mother colored glasses saying that. I have to admit that I feel funny saying that to someone I don't really know....but then again, I think even this just an odd thing about our society.

Your daughter is at least half Asia (I assume), and just like my daughters who are 3/8th Portuguese (I count every percentage :-)....she, you and your husband should be proud of that background. (as well as the other half of her heritage as well....there are great things to be proud of from every culture)

As for the woman, well we all make mistakes....perhaps this was one comment this woman wishes she could pull back. Even if that is not the case, don't worry about her, it isn't worth losing sleep over.

Anonymous said...

note to self - don't sit next to that woman anymore.

do you want to hang out with someone who would make a comment on someone else's appearance?

not me