Friday, October 20, 2006

Biking at lunchtime

I'm fortunate to be able to bike at lunchtime on the Nashua River rail trail. This time of year is foliage season in my neck of the woods, so I took my newest camera along - a Nikon Coolpix 3200, thanks to Quentin who offered it to Adam for free. The trail is really gorgeous when it is sunny out, but even on a cloudy day you can see its beauty, especially along the river. I especially love when the trail is covered entirely in leaves so it feels like you are biking in the woods. Here is the entire set of pictures.

Oh, and in terms of the camera, it is actually the smallest camera that our family has, so it fits nicely in one of my bike shirt pockets. Just add an iPod and I'm set for a 12 mile ride. I haven't let it loose on Adam yet, but he was thrilled to learn that he had a new camera. Let's see if it lasts longer than the last one he got (lasted 3 months).

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Bigqueue said...

Cool....I'm glad to see the camera is getting used. Don't worry, it is a tough little camera. It was kicking around my daughters purse for the longest time and was none the worst for wear. (errr...well, except for the battery door :-)

As for the foliage....I wish I had gotten out a bit more these days. I don't know what the weather is supposed to be like tomorrow, but I will surely have my camera and will be looking at the colors. (BTW: The colors look to be in full brightness in Burlington...I think it is a little past peak here where I live)