Saturday, December 02, 2006

Goodbye Marketplace Takeout

I have really been enjoying the Marketplace Takeout podcast as it puts together all the cool, sometimes quirky stories without all the market news. The complete half hour show was originally available through paid subscription through Audible, and now will be available free as a podcast (woo hoo!). There's no way I can listen to a 1/2 hour show everyday, but I will subscribe to the shorter Marketplace Morning Report (I used to rush the daycare drop-off to be able to hear it live at 7:53 am every morning). Here is a list of all their podcasts selections.

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Anonymous said...

I just found a moment to cruise over and look at their you recommend one over another? (so many choices)

I think I'll stay away from Robert Reich's Podcast....I read his book "Work of Nations" a few years ago, and wasn't all that excited about his vision of how things should be. (but I've seen him talk and he's interesting enough otherwise)

Some of the Podcasts seem like synopsis of others.....I'm not sure I can sample more than one. (any suggestions....besides to flip a coin?)

BTW: Reich has a BLOG ( and he seems to have a spot-on prediction on what might happen with the weakening dollar. (at least he presents a possibility that is about as pessimistic as I am...not that that is a good thing. :-)

Angela said...

OK, I tried keeping up with Marketplace Morning Report everyday, but even 8 min/day is just too much, especially since my commute is 15 minutes. The Marketplace Takeout at 20 min/week was perfect. I wish they would just keep it!!