Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I got my Wii!!

Once upon a time we had a rule that there would be no video games in our house. As parents, we didn't want the kids wasting time doing a sedentary activity that would make them fat, not do their homework, not spend time outside, etc. They could go to other friend's houses if they wanted to play. We bent a few rules here and there, first allowing some computer games. In Christmas 2005, Doug got Adam a TV plug-in Nascar racing game. Last year he got a plug-in Avatar game for his birthday. Finally, Adam got a Game Boy as a hand me down gift. That started the spiral into the Nintendo cult. Then the Wii came along.

It all started with this awesome live demo from Father Roderick on this Daily Breakfast podcast. If you don't know Father Roderick, he is a video game loving Catholic priest and podcaster. He has an Xbox 360, a Sony PSP and a Nintendo DS. Not exactly sure how he affords all that stuff! Then he got the Wii, even before Christmas! I had heard about this swinging remote control video game system, but didn't think much of it. I kept hearing more and more cool stuff about it in subsequent podcasts.

I had just turned 40 and had been hemming and hawing about what to get for my birthday and finally it hit me that I WANTED THE WII!!! Cheap and fun, vibration turned on!! Last Saturday when I first set out to get one, I called every store in the area and found they were all sold out. Still sold out near the end of January? I went to Target anyway and asked whether I could prepay for one. No dice. They were getting a shipment overnight and were opening on Sunday at 8 am. On Sunday, I woke up at 7 am (early for me), woke up Dova at 7:20 am (really early for her), took some breakfast to go and bundled her up as it was only 7 degrees F outside. We were in the car at 7:42 am, and I arrived at Target at 8:05 am. I was a little alarmed that the parking lot appeared to have a lot of cars so early in the morning. Went inside and saw a huge line of about 100 people watched by security guards going to the electronics section. OH NO!! I hopped in line and got my ticket for the Wii. Whew, at least I knew I was actually going to get my hands on one. The guy said that there about 15 tickets left. I overheard other people in line saying that they got there at 4 am!! Most people starting showing up at 6 am and that's when they started handing out the tickets. But they had to wait in their freezing cold cars until the doors opened at 8 am. So really I was quite lucky to snag one as they probably sold out by the time I left a half hour later. Here is a picture of the ticket and Dova waiting patiently with me. When we got the the end of the line, an employee escorted my Wii box and game to the cash register. I didn't actually get to touch it until it was paid for and in the bag.

The Wii is completely awesome and totally immersive. In our first day of playing, I accidentally hit the TV with the remote, Adam threw the remote twice (the 2nd time, it hit so hard the batteries flew out everywhere) and we both bopped Dova in the head while playing. Adam, of course, is already better than me at bowling and boxing. The only other game besides Wii Sports that we got is WarioWare Smooth Moves. It is totally silly, very Japanese and the kids love it. I pre-ordered Wii Play and scoured the internet for accessories such as an extra remote, nunchuck and the classic controller. Yes, it all it's already sucked $417 from me so far, but is well worth it for the family fun. Even Doug enjoys playing tennis. Here is our Wii (Mii) family:

Please add my Wii number to yours!! It is: 8853 2130 1378 2228. I love seeing Father Roderick up at bat on mine.


Bigqueue said...

From what I read the Wii is very fun and addictive. Sounds like those saying that are right on.

Fr Roderick is a tease with his Wii videos.....I don't think i have seen his latest though.

Oh, my daughter reminded me that not all priests take a vow of poverty...and I suspect his video game appetite proves he is one of those who passed on that vow.

Anonymous said...

Wow... don't show Fr. Roderick that Wii advertisement. ;-)