Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lightkeeper Pro - it really works!!

I got this tip from Quentin about the Lightkeeper Pro and was dubious at first. As I said in a comment to his post, I have stars above my bed similar to what Jordan's Furniture has in their mattress section. This is one of those programmable lights with 16 different settings and one section (every 4th bulb) went out several years ago. I've tried to pull and check every one of these bulbs in this section but haven't gotten to them all. Since I wasn't about to take these lights down and install a new set, I got this tool to fix them up.

I fumbled with the device for a while, and after what seemed like endless red herrings and trigger pulls, the section finally lit up again. It turned out that all the bulbs lit up perfectly fine and it was a bulb shunt somewhere that was faulty. So no amount of pulling and checking bulbs by hand was going to fix this! I was so excited that I jumped and hollered for joy that my lights were working again.

Here is the view from my side of the bed:

Last but not least, here is a video of some of the cool light effects:

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Bigqueue said...

I'm glad to see the bulb finder/fixer tool actually worked!

I like your stars.....I must say they are pretty cool indeed. (don't let my daughter Kim see them....she has static glow in the dark stars on her ceiling....she will surely want to know where you got your lights!)