Monday, January 15, 2007

Lights in every bedroom

Dova's lights are finally up, see the happy feet? I wonder if my obsession with lights above the bed will transfer to the kids. They love their lights, but will they outgrow them? Or will they have to inflict them on their significant others when the time comes? I especially love them in our post and beam house, it really looks cool with the wood ceilings. In case you missed it, here are the lights above my own bed. Below is the ghost of Dova jumping on Adam's bed.


Bigqueue said...

I have to admit to growing up with the tooth fairy...and no lights.

Our daughter had glow in the dark star constellations on her ceiling...and she still has them now. (and looks forward to seeing them when she comes home)

So I think the lights will "stick" with them and be something that will live on for generations I am sure.

Do these "dance" like the one's in your video? That was really kind of cool.

Angela said...

These are just stationary. We hardly ever do the crazy dance mode on our own lights. We leave it on a slow walk where one light slowly goes out and the next one slowly lights up, very hypnotic and soothing.