Thursday, February 08, 2007

My voice feedback on the Daily Breakfast

I have been way too shy to submit any voice feedback to the podcasts I listen to, but the whole Wii experience is creating a new outgoing Angela. So here is my feedback that appeared on Daily Breakfast #239 at 19:05. If you don't know me, I am not Catholic at all, but I absolutely love Father Roderick and his SQPN shows. I've even dreamt about him. My mom also loves Brother Giles from the Secrets of Harry Potter podcasts. We must have a thing for those European accents. For those of you who are not so audio inclined, here it the text of the feedback:
Hi Father Roderick,

This is Angela from Pepperell Massachusetts in the United States. I wanted to give you some feedback on your geek section, which I personally love. I believe that podcasting has not reached the mainstream public, and that probably 90% of podcast listeners are geeks. The other 10% are people that have been shown the way and setup by geeks. There are many engineers that I know, who are supposed to be geeks, but still can't figure out iTunes, let alone podcasts. So don't apologize for expounding on your computer woes and triumphs. We've all been there and love to commiserate.

I also have to say unfortunately, that you've been a ba-a-ad influence on me. I absolutely had to get a Nintendo Wii after your awesome live demonstration. Now that I have one, I have to fight for time on that TV which is also connected to our DVR. After your glowing review of the Windows Media Center Edition, I might just have to invest in a TV card and a new operating system to free up time on my regular TV so I can play on the Wii. If I tell people that all this gadget frenzy is influenced by a Catholic priest from the Netherlands, they'll think I'm totally insane. Of course, I wouldn't trade your show for anything. Keep up the great work.

He went on to discuss waiting for a Vista version. Of course, being a Windows software developer, I had my hands on the official Windows Vista release a full week before the average joe, but I didn't mention that. I will install it at some point, but I'm still on the fence about getting a TV card (would I have to rent a CableCard as well?). I find watching videos on my computer does not go well as I'm always distracted by something else. And I have no handy way of streaming video from my computer to my TV as he does with his Xbox 360. How is it that a priest has more gadgets than a software engineer?!?

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Bigqueue said...

I think you hid your shyness very well in that fact, I wonder if your truly are that shy. (or perhaps just setting expectations low)

Either way, you and Fr. Roderick certainly are Wii fans.....and your feedback in this show was great.....I'd say it was almost good enough to make me a video game player....but that might be too much of a fib. (not that your feedback wasn't convincing....I'm just not much of a gamer)