Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day at MGM-Disney

On our last full day at Disney World, we went to MGM-Disney. Here are some of the attractions we took:
  • Muppet 3D movie - Thankfully I finally convinced Dova to wear her 3D glasses and Adam had great laugh out loud fun.

  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids - We lost the kids in this play area for a few minutes, but since there was only one way out, there wasn't too much chance of really losing them.

  • Little Mermaid live show - This was the 3rd day in a row that we saw a live Ariel, this one a bit heavier than the rest. Dova loved it of course, but Grandma slept through the whole thing. Afterwards, I realized that I really should have videoed the whole thing as none of the pictures came out well. This video is the first part of Dova's favorite song "Part of Your World". If you are tone deaf, please feel free to listen to Dova's rendition as well. She does have the look and the moves down, but needs some work on pitch. Then again she was still 2 years old when we took the video!
  • Lights, Motion, Action - Cool car show, but Dova slept on my lap the entire time through all the noise. I had to hold her in one arm and try to take pictures and videos with other hand.
After this, Grandma went to Animal Kingdom while we went back for some pool time. This time, I stuck Dova in the large wading pool so I could sit out and simply take pictures. We took them out of the pool when they turned blue and forewent the sand this time. After another warm bath, he headed out for our dinner reservation at Planet Hollywood which we nearly forgot about.
We got off a the Downtown Disney stop but later realized that the Planet Hollywood was actually next to the Pleasure Island stop. We walked quickly, stopping only to pick up some Ghiradelli chocolates. The restaurant was extremely noisy and Dova again slept on my lap. Instead of forking over another lump sum for the family picture above, I opted for just the $8 keychain for Adam (and let my scanner do the rest). We had the ambition to go to Epcot afterwards so I could see Figment, but the kids were simply too tired. We spent the evening in the hotel room and Dova got to wear her new Ariel costume. We watched the nearby fireworks at Epcot right from our rooms. Grandma was leaving early the next morning and Adam ended up sleeping in our room instead of hers. I slept with Dova and Doug crowded poor Adam.

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