Friday, March 09, 2007

Use the force for good

Computers are my livelihood and I certainly feel that they enhance my existence. But as with all powerful tools, they can be used for not so good purposes. Hopefully you've seen the Dove - Evolution commercial below (thanks George for pointing me to it long ago):

Finally, I love this Dove self-esteem commercial for Singapore (being Asian and living through all those stereotypical misconceptions as a girl):

What beautiful curly hair!


Bigqueue said...

I guess I don't even know where to begin. I have to admit to having my moments where I felt very much terms of looks, smarts, and personality.

This must have been apparent to my mother because she was always there to set me straight.

But when I say setting me straight, it was more than just assuring me I was OK, but more importantly that these sort of comparisons and competitions between people were not only not productive, but were actually destructive. They caused ill feeling and unneeded friction.

Mom taught me about diversity and acceptance. (oh, and that we are not put here to's not our job)

So as my mother used to tell me, I needed to not let other people get me down....the key is all neatly packaged between my own ears. (sort of a "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never harm me."

But then even more important is that I not judge others....that is also within my power to do and I have that responsibility.

She was a very good teacher....what sort of student I was, I am not sure.

Bigqueue said...

Sorry for the long missive on my mother. But I also realized this morning that I really never pay much attention to how people look....heck, even how I look.

I do consider things that might translate into "looks" but I do for the sake of things that I consider more important like health.

I lost the weight I did because I was convinced I would not be here at age 50 if I did not....and being only a couple of years away, I would not have been looking forward to that birthday had I not lost it. (I have a goal to live to 100 years old....not so much because I want to be immortal, but because I look forward to seeing and thinking about the huge changes I would have seen in the world in that time)

Oh brother...another long comment with very little value. Sledding yesterday much have bumped up my energy level!