Friday, May 18, 2007

The Friday Five - Nudity / Body Awareness

Nudity/Body Awareness
aka "How comfortable are you in your skin, or with others?"
I will add: aka "Way too much information if you're interested"
  1. Have you ever gone skinny-dipping? Of course, in pools and in the ocean. I usually get into the water before stripping, and I remember getting some mosquito bites in some unfortunately areas coming in and out of pools. There is nothing like the feeling of water against your bare body especially in the ocean, where water swishes in places you don't usually feel with a suit on. It is completely free and liberating. You also get the sense of being a fish gliding through the water with no resistance.
  2. When you're home alone, do you strip down to get comfortable? Do you ever go out without underwear (bra and/or panties) because it's more comfortable? When I'm at home, my motto is: Do I have to wear clothes? Doug says that I'm always giving the neighbors a free show, but in reality, they are too far away to see anything. I usually go braless at home, but wear one in public. I never go without panties as that is not comfortable at all! Anyone who says it's more comfortable is just kidding themselves. During my company's walking program while I'm at home, I have to clip the pedometer to my underwear because I'm never wearing pants.
  3. Have you ever/Do you use the bathroom with the door open? Are you comfortable using public facilities? At home I've finally been trained to close the doors for No. 2's, but I usually don't for No. 1's. And closing the door for me means just the main door and not the back door to the bedroom, where I still get dirty looks if someone walks by (both doors are closed if we have company, this is just with the family). The kids of course, feel free to run through the bathroom anytime while I'm in there. In terms of public facilities, you have to go when you have to go. I suffer from germ phobia in these places and don't enjoy it much at all.
  4. When getting intimate with your significant other, lights on or off? I'm rather particular about having just the right lighting, as I hate complete darkness or being too bright (unless of course it is daytime). I like to be able to see the person I'm with and use some soft star lights hanging over the window, nightlights or candles.
  5. How comfortable are you with body exposure/nudity of others? Group shower rooms?, topless/nude beaches?, breastfeeding in public? I am actually more uncomfortable with people that are totally paranoid about showing any part of their body in a locker room. I feel like I'm the one imposing on their privacy and making them uncomfortable by my presence. I'm much more at ease with people that aren't so self conscious about exposing themselves. Nude beaches? Never been, but would be open to try it once. Breastfeeding in public? Always!! Stop harassing women for feeding their babies!! I once fed Adam in the Museum of Fine Arts' Art of the Guitar exhibit which was packed and the only place I could sit down was on a mock concert stage under real stage lights. Talk about being on display! Usually I will try to find a more discreet place either in a back hall or in the car. But the baby's gotta eat when the baby's gotta eat and sometimes there just isn't a discreet place to do it (I would have had to exit the exhibit which I entered on a timed ticket and miss the rest of the show and miss my friends and family). Will people stop being so uptight about breastfeeding in public? It is the most natural thing in the world.

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