Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Friday Five - May 4, 2007

Here I go for another meme (although Wordless Wednesday claims it's not a meme).

My life would not be the same without this...

1. song/movie/book:
song: "Barefoot" by Bob Telson, sung by k.d. lang. Through the magic of the internet, I found this video of the song with footage from the movie Salmonberries where I first heard it.



How corny! I actually have two copies of it, a VHS with the full screenplay and a DVD with a mini leather jacket that wraps around it.

2. person:
Doug of course, my life and family would not exist without him! And my mom, I wouldn't be here otherwise.

3. place: Home. I'll add Tanglewood and Disney World too.

4. event: MIT, going to China, having babies, too many to name.

5. self indulgence:
Blogging! OK, chocolate too, but that's more of a necessity.

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Bigqueue said...

Hmmm.....Grease is a great movie....I think I have a copy on VHS....nothing as new as DVD.

I loved that movie....even though I wasn't a Travolta me he was a "sweathog" of Welcome Back Kotter.....but I have to say he was great in Wild Hogs.

But Olivia Newton John....she was a hottie.....and nice enough to bring hope to meet your mother. (as if that was ever going to happen :-)

Welcome to the world of Friday-Five!