Sunday, May 13, 2007

Reversing entropy

I am forever trying to fix the kids' toys in a vain attempt to reverse entropy and the natural laws of children to the point of obsession. Take this Ariel doll. The day after Dova received it from Grandma at Christmas, the tail fins started ripping away from the tail. By a week afterwards, both fins were off and one was ripped right in half. I carefully saved all three pieces and devised a plan to fix it. I arranged and laminated the brittle pieces together and carefully cut out the tail fins as one piece, leaving the space between the fins to attach some velcro. On the bottom of the tail, I sewed on velcro to attach the fins. It came out beautifully and is still in one piece today. I have no idea if Dova appreciates all the work I put into it, or whether she simply thinks she is free to wreck anything because Mom or Dad will fix it. And why do I feel so obsessed and driven to fix anything that breaks? Crazy mom!


Bigqueue said...

Not at all unusual for a caring mother....and your kids will appreciate it as they grow up. (and hopefully take after you and do the same for their kids)

Happy Mothers Day!

Bigqueue said...

BTW: My father used to always remind me that "Entropy Rules" the long run never sleeps!

This is the main purpose for us humans on earth....counter entropy and bring order. (we must never be deterred or demotivated :-)