Thursday, May 10, 2007

Soccer mom in the making

Here's a cute conversation with Dova and Adam in the car. We were on our way to Adam's soccer game and I was planning to return something to a store afterwards.
Mom: Darn, I forgot the receipt for the return.

Dova: That's OK, I can help you.

Mom: Thanks Dova, but you can't, you can't drive home and get it.

Dova: When become a mommy, I can drive.

Mom: Yes, when you become a mommy and you have your own car and your own kids.

Mom: How about you Adam, are you going to be a daddy when you grow up?

Adam (with head buried in Gameboy): No way, too much work.

Mom: (LOL) Ah, so you do know how much work you guys are!

Dova: I'm going to be a mommy when I grow up and have lots of kids.

Adam: OK, I guess we'll have kids if Dova wants them.
They are still at the age where they think they will marry each other when they grow up. Adam is so accommodating, like an old married couple. They're shown here during halftime of this game. She absolutely adores her brother.

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