Friday, July 27, 2007

I've been blagged!

Image from London Toy Fair has nothing to do with this blag (blag = tag + blog), but I can't post without an image!!

I've been blagged by Theresa at Sleeping Kitten Dancing Dog.

These are the rules and details of the Blag:

  • Each player starts with eight random facts or habits about his or her self.
  • These blagged chosen ones are to write posts on their own blog about these eight facts.
  • They are also to post these rules.
  • At the end of their blog they will list eight people they have chosen to blag by listing their name and a link to their blog.
Here are some random things about me.
  • My favorite season is winter.
  • My favorite color is purple.
  • My favorite flavor of ice cream is coffee heath bar crunch.
  • I love rollercoasters.
  • I was due on December 25th, but was born 10 days late on January 4th.
  • I gained 35 pounds while pregnant with Adam and 27 pounds for Dova (OK, TMI)
  • I am always worried that people will discover that I'm just faking my job.
  • I have a secret celebrity identity on Twitter as well as myself.
Here are the eight people I have blagged. Have fun and Happy Blagging.
Whew! I think the toughest part about this tagging business is coming up with the tag list! Please leave a comment if you've been blagged and blag about it! (No time pressure, it took me 2 months to get this up)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blag tag :) I will definitely do this, sounds like fun!! Have a wonderful weekend.

Bigqueue said...

Cool...I've been Blagged! (I think that's an honor.... :-)

I'll work on this later tonight after my day at Six Flags.....besides, after that I might have some "new random fact" about exciting! (I was going to say something about being the first barf blagger, but that might be a bit too crude)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for including me...but I've done this one a few times and have been having to turn it down since. Sorry!

Mo and The Purries said...

Okay, it's taken me a while to play catch-up with meme-tags, but mine is up!

Anonymous said...

Finally, in a few hours my blagged post goes up. Thanks for including me.