Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yet another geek in training

I didn't see a picture of my beautiful girl on the front page of the blog so here is a quick post to fix that.

I had no doubt from early on that Adam would be a geek just like me since he started using the mouse at 2 and totally loves video and computer games. But Dova is a different story. She still can't quite use the mouse at 3 1/2, has only a mild interest in games and a huge interest in princess stuff and anything waterborne (fish, turtles, crabs, mermaids, etc). Then we had this funny conversation:
Dova: Mom, kiss me. Mom: OK, smooch. Dova: Try again. Mom: Smooch. Dova: Much better, we need to delete the first one.

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Anonymous said...

Such a cute princess! Kids nowadays, they say the cutest hi-tech things. One of my little cousins describe taping programmes on cable TV "donwloading" them.

"It's alright if we miss it cos we're downloading them with a machine."

Aah, I feel old at 22! Haha.