Thursday, August 02, 2007

Cheap milk at Market Basket

I just read this editorial by Michael Graham on Milk Prices in the Boston Herald (I don't usually read this newspaper, but this article was cut out in the cafeteria at work). Although I don't agree that milk and gasoline prices should be completely deregulated, I'm happy that I get to hop over the border to the Market Basket in New Hampshire and pay only $2.69 / gallon for GMO-free milk (3 gallons per week for our family, thank you). Michael complains about the lunacy in Massachusetts legislation, but let's not get into the "Live Free and Die" state of NH. Who exactly pays for the care of all those motorcyclists without helmets when they sustain even more brain-damage to their already stupid heads? It makes me shudder every time I drive around watching these people risk their lives for just a breeze in their hair.

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Qtpies7 said...

I so very not into music, so I'm not commenting on your TT. But I like this post! It is so unbelievable that they can force stores to charge a certain amount. I know that it keeps gas stations from going crazy on gas prices, but if one gas station charged a LOT and another was reasonable, then you'd have an option, and they would have to lower their prices to keep up. It only makes sense.
What is really annoying is that it is illegal to sell raw milk! We are forced to buy pasteurized milk that is making people unhealthy. Why???? If I want to go out of my way to find a farmer, put it in a container on my own, and serve it to my family, whats the big deal?
Off my soap box now!