Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fuel My Bowl Ad!

OK, what I meant was vote for me in the FuelMyBlog and MyBowlAd competition for a trip to Hollywood to watch a Superbowl Ad filmed and perhaps star in it. And this is supposedly my funny post to convince people to vote for me. Oh, the pressure!

So it all started with this silly picture I took while driving, which I captioned for the "funny brand name" contest:

geo bmw
Yes, it's really a BMW customized with Geo Metro skins.

So out of 31 entries, this made the final 10. Hooray! So will this windfall promote the dangerous habit of taking pictures while driving? Here's another shot I took a few weeks ago of the sunrise over the highway:

Oh wait, that isn't funny, that's just shameless promotion of my photography.

How about some funny pictures (and shameless promotion) of my kids:
Dova pretends she has a moustache
Dova pretends to have a moustache by using paintbrushes.

IMG_3584 IMG_0653
Adam likes to levitate.

Here's my best funny face as taken by Adam:
Collage of Mom by Adam

Wait, how about our LOLcat?
I play ur games

OK, I give up. Please vote for me, we'd love to take a trip out to California. Needless to say, our kids love commercials and would really "learn" something while we were out there. Of course this is for their benefit not mine, right? lol

Check back for details on how to vote.

Update August 15th: Click here to vote everyday until August 23rd! Thanks!

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